Snowbelt Custom Outfitters is owned and operated by lifelong hunters and friends Jim Holden and John Grenz.  Jim worked for a land surveyor for years in northern Wisconsin and U.P.  John has worked in the forest industry for 25 years all over Wisconsin.  Spending every day in the woods has led us to some of the most productive hunting areas from the big woods of northern Wisconsin, to the farm country of central Wisconsin.

The picture to the right is of our after the hunt meeting, game cleaning, story telling place for our northern Wisconsin hunts.  Built in the early 1900’s, it is a rustic piece of history that Jim has turned into a great place to swap tales, eat some of the best tasting meals you will ever have. 

We started Snowbelt Custom Outfitters because we get as much enjoyment out of putting a fellow hunter onto a high quality hunt as if we were on the hunt ourselves.  If you decide to come hunt with Snowbelt Custom Outfitters you may be a stranger when you walk through the door, but you will be treated as family and when it is time to leave, you will walk out the door friends! 


We started donating hunts to wounded veterans and now are directly linked to Outfitters 4 Patriots, a non profit organization that takes wounded veterans and handicapped children hunting, fishing and everything outdoors.  A share of the proceeds from Snowbelt Custom Outfitters goes directly to Outfitters 4 Patriots, along with a lot of our time. You will have the peace of mind that a portion of your hunt package fee will go towards giving a wounded combat veteran or handicapped child an outdoor outing that they will always remember!