Early season archery starts mid September and goes until about October 20th, followed by pre rut until close to Halloween and then peak rut action until about November 15th. Late season archery hunts start December 1 and end during the first week of January. We offer very limited rifle hunts that occur the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving until the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Muzzleloader hunt dates vary year to year, starting in late November and lasting until early December. Muzzleloader and late bow season in the north usually means; measurable snow, very low pressure and hungry deer. If you have not gotten a buck in early season, this is arguably as good as the rut to harvest a true northwoods trophy. If you are interested in hunting with us and want to help design your hunt to accommodate your schedule, style of hunting and what area of the state you would like to hunt, go to our contact page and email us anytime so we can craft your ideal hunt.

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Whitetail hunts

  1. 5 day northern Wisconsin archery or muzzle loader hunt. $1,000 – Includes stands set up, game retrieval and dinner each evening after your hunt at our log cabin bar. Lodging at our cabin on a private lake at $25.00 per night, local motel at approximately $50.00 per night or you are welcome to bring a camper and set up at a local campground.
  2. 3 day archery hunt in central Wisconsin. $900.00 – Includes stands set up, game retrieval. Lodging is your responsibility at a local motel. This hunt is in an area with very high deer population and strictly managed for trophy bucks. Seeing 20-30 deer per afternoon sit in early season is common and 40-50 deer sightings per an all day sit during the rut with 10-15 different bucks is common.
  3. 5 day archery and muzzle loader hunt in the scenic, remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan. $1,000 – Includes stands set up over food plots, feeders, secluded oak ridges and old apple orchards, lodging and meals.


Snowbelt Custom Outfitters offers fully and semi guided Black Bear hunts in Wisconsin zones A, B, C and D. Each hunter has 2-3 active bait sites to hunt from, ladder or hang on stands in place or comfortable ground blinds to hunt out of. There is a preference point system in place to be eligible for a kill permit, so start applying annually. Deadline to apply in Wisconsin for a Bear kill permit is always December 10. If you have a kill permit for 2016, go to our contact page and email us and we will put together a hunt just for you.

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Bear hunts

5 day black bear hunts in Wisconsin’s zones A,B,C and D. 2-3 active baits per hunter. $1200 – Includes game retrieval, drop off and pick up to the stands, field dress, skin, quarter and freeze for travel.  Hearty supper each night after your hunt at our log cabin bar. Lodging is at our cabin on a private lake for zones B and some A hunters at $25 per night.  Zone A hunters that are hunting further north and west will stay at a local motel at approximately $50 per night. They have some larger rooms for hunters to buddy up and share the cost.